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Delegation from Sapienza University of Rome, Visited Sharif

Delegation from Sapienza University of Rome, Visited Sharif

 An academic delegation from Sapienza University of Rome visited Sharif University of Technology on Tuesday 24th May. The delegation consisted of Prof. Teodoro Valente, Deputy Rector for Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer, Dr. Alessandra Intraversato, Head of the Grant Office and a few other faculty members as well as Prof. Carlo Cereti, Head of Cultural Office, Embassy of Italy. They were hosted by Prof. Movaghar, the Dean of the International Affairs office (IA) and several faculty members from Sharif University of Technology at the IA office. During the meeting, Prof. Movaghar introduced Sharif University of Technology and Prof. Valente introduced Sapienza University of Rome with more emphasis on the research areas and projects. The meeting continued with an open floor discussion.

Since Prof. Arfaei has already started collaboration with Department of Physics in Sapienza University in the field of High Energy Physics, it was mentioned that preparing an agreement and formalizing the collaboration could be a start of joint activities between both universities. It was also mentioned that joint PhD student programs are of interest to both universities and a few methods to solve different issues with such programs were explored.

Sabbatical leaves for faculty members and researchers could also be another field of collaboration between the two universities. Prof. Valente explained about a 1 month and a 3 months program atSapienza University to support sabbaticals for international faculty members.

Sharif and Sapienza University had signed a Memorandum of Understanding a decade ago but in order to include all the new activities mentioned in the meeting, universities will prepare a new MoU which will be signed in new future.



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