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Location: Islamic Republic of Iran is located in the Middle East, and has common borders with Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan,  Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq and Persian Gulf sheikdoms
Area: 1,648,000 sq. km
Climate: Some parts of Iran have dry air and semi-dry air but some other parts are moderate and mild. Altogether, Iran enjoys diversity in climate.
Natural resources: Petroleum, natural gas, coal, chromium, copper, lead, Manganese, zinc
Population: 75 million
Population growth rate: 1.25 %
Ethnic groups: Persian 51%, Azerbaijani 26%, Gilaki & Mazandarani 8%, Kurd 7%, Arab 3%, Lur 2%, Baloch 2%, Turkmen 2%, others 1%
Religions: Shia Muslim 95%, Sunni Muslim 4%, others 1%
Language: Persian & Persian dialects 58%, Turkish & Turkic Dialects 26%, Kurdish 9%, Luri 2%, Balouch 1%, Arabic 1%, other 3%
Government type: Islamic Republic
National capital: Tehran
National day: Islamic Republic Day, 1 April (1979)
Flag description: Three equal horizontal bands of green (top), white (middle), and red (bottom), the national emblem ( a stylized representation of the word Allah) in red is centered in the white band, Allah Akbar (God is the Greater) in white Arabic script is repeated 11 times along the bottom edge of the green band and 11 times along the edge of the red band.
Exports: Petroleum, carpet, fruits, dried fruits (pistachio, raisin, date), caviar, saffron, petrochemical productions, textiles, garment, foods industry productions and construction project services.
Imports: Machinery, metal works foodstuffs, pharmaceutical, technical services, chemical products.
Industries: Petroleum, petrochemicals, textiles, cement & other building materials, food processing (particularly sugar refining & vegetable oil production), metal fabricating
Agriculture: Wheat, Rice, Grains, Sugar, Beets, Fruits, Nuts, Cotton, Dairy products, Wool, Saffron
Currency: Iranian Rials (IR)