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News & Events | Turkish Academic Delegation Visited Sharif

Turkish Academic Delegation Visited Sharif
Turkish Academic Delegation Visited Sharif

A couple of Turkish Universities’ Presidents along with a member of Council of Higher Education of Turkey visited Sharif on December 21st. The delegation was hosted by Dr. Fotuhi, President of Sharif University of Technology, as well as a few of the deans of different offices and heads of the departments. The delegation was consisted of presidents of Abdullah Gul University, Istanbul Technical University, Gebze Technical University. 

The meeting was started with a brief introduction of the participants by Dr. Movaghar, dean of the international affairs office, and was continued by an introduction of Sharif University of Technology which was presented by Dr. Fotuhi, president of the university. After that, Dr. Tajrishi, the Vice President of Research and Technology presented his office’s activities and elaborated the research priorities at Sharif. The Turkish delegation also stated two methods to pursue further collaborations especially in the fields of student exchange and faculty members sabbatical.
Open floor discussions were pursued in order to find the best and most appropriate procedure to start the collaborations. The delegation then visited the Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology as well as the Superconductor Electronics Research Laboratory (SERL).